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Wish Pixie Dream Dragon - 'Hydra' The Water Dragon

Wish Pixie Dream Dragon - 'Hydra' The Water Dragon

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This is 'Hydra'. She is here to watch over her favourite humans while they sleep, and to fill their dreams with enchantment.

Hydra is a Water Dragon who represents dreaming, healing and unconditional love.

When you read the spell on her Dream Card, the magic begins...

This doll is fun, cuddly and encourages imaginative playtime. It is the perfect size for little hands to carry wherever they go. 

It may also act as a calming and mindful bedtime ritual - to read the spell together and tap gently on the dragons head, prompting a positive mindset about feeling safe and secure to be able to fall asleep easily, whilst looking forward to having magical dreams.

Handmade in Australia from cotton, linen and wool felt

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